2000 USD Scholarship essay contest for international students

2000 USD Scholarship essay contest for international students

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The world is getting more and more integrated and diversified. Finland being a small nation, it is important for us to look beyond our borders and current limits to share and gain knowledge. That is why we at Lainaanetist.com want to support International students who are broadening their horizons by going studying abroad

Therefore, we are very happy to announce our scholarship of 2000 usd to support an International student studying abroad. 

Eligibility Criteria

These are some prerequisites that must be met to be eligible for the Scholarship:

The scholarship is open to candidates from: Student who is studying abroad at least one semester

All participants must be enrolled at an accredited post-secondary educational institution within 2020.

Scholarship essay topic

To enter our 2020 scholarship, you will need to write an essay with the title: “Why I wanted to study abroad.”

The style of the essay does not necessarily need to be an academic style – you can use your imagination and be creative.

Essay Requirements:

– The essay length should be 800-1300 words
– Be creative and use your imagination
– The essay must be original

All applications must be sent to:  asiakaspalvelu@lainaanetist.com before December 31th, 2020 with the title “Scholarship Essay”.


Test Author

Test Author


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